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. important aspect of this study is that we are able to assess whether investors, using publicly available data, could identify the firms that admit to speculation in a confidential survey, Geczy and his colleagues write. answer is that they could not. In the follow up interviews, a number of firms reported speculation was extensive enough to potentially have a significant, or effect on financial results. some cases, this can be big, Geczy said. But as the study notes, the lack of financial statement transparency about these activities is necessarily evidence of accounting fraud, because actively taking positions based on a market view may not always meet the requirements for reporting under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Nonetheless, irrespective of whether opaqueness results because the accounting rules do not require disclosure of speculative activities or because firms do not implement the rules properly, the end result is that the financial statements do not provide

coupled with roles and responsibilities for each person. Ideally, a project manager should control the whole team and ensure that everyone is carrying out their duties efficiently. 6. Actual Day Preparation, Registration, Ushering, Feedback All seminar planning and preparations, constituting 80% of total work involved, cascade to the actual event which may last only for a few hours or a few days. On the day before the event, visit the venue to ensure that everything is in order according the requirements and specifications. Microphones, projectors, audio and video systems must be all checked to be in excellent working order. Over at the office, have a packing list prepared and get all require items transferred to the actual venue at least a day before the event. Event staff should be dispatched to work on site preparations, including setting up booths, decorations and posters, the day
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Articles Connexes:

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